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Dr. Joe Can Electrify Any Audience About Any Topic. Have A Chat And See If Dr. Joe Can Bring The Fireworks To Your Efforts.

Dr. Joe Schaefer is also Master Joe Schaefer, a 8th degree black belt. He has taught over 5000 students in 33 years with over 500 of the reaching black belt level.

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Paving The Way To Breakthrough

Just like the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, Dr. Joe realized that while he is excellent at a multitude of tasks and skills, he is uniquely genius at teaching and inspiring about topics that lead to personal and business breakthroughs.

Seminar - Event Facilitator

Dr. Joe has over 5,000 hours of public speaking to groups from 50 to hundreds in size. He has spoken as a member of the Society of Neuroscience and a Developmental Biology Fellow, and as a marketing thought leader, sales trainer and fitness professional. He inspires and engages audiences with his passion for discovery and understanding. His seminars are empowering, motivational and educational.

Digital Marketing Mentor

Dr. Joe is a master level teacher on any topic. In the online marketing world he helps business owners understand what works and what doesn’t. He plots the path toward constructing a well-oiled lead capture machine. He does this much like he teaches martial arts; one belt level of understanding and progress at a time.


Dr. Joe is a fascinating guest for any online, media or live event. He can speak on a wide range of topics and brings something new to any conversation with his diverse background. He has the credibility and to grab attention and change minds.

Marketing Agency/Consultant

Dr. Joe has worked with over 500 business clients in the digital marketing space since 2002. He founded an agency that is a premier Google partner and in the top 3% of Google’s partner agencies. For 7 years he helped Chrysler dealers across Canada by using digital marketing to capture over 1000,000 leads per year. 

From Dr. Joe Schaefer

Stepping Stones

I guarantee you success in whatever you are pursuing. The secret is to change your perspective. After teaching Kung Fu for 33 years I can tell you that nobody gets a black belt in a few months. When people start work on a new goal, they need to understand this lesson. The most critical question for any person is “where are you on your 10 year long plan for success?” It is going to take 10 years to achieve competence or even mastery in a new skill so settle in for the ups and downs, the bliss and the disappointments. They are landmarks on the road to success. If a person pursues anything with interest and passion daily for 10 years they can rank among the top people in the world in that topic.

I have coached over 10,000 students in the last 33 years and over 1000 have stayed on the most difficult path upward for decades. They achieve levels they never dreamed possible. I understand how to motivate and inspire people to find the best within themselves and stay the course. I have seen it all and I can work with you to achieve the same.

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