Re-Tool For The New Business World

Learn How THRIVE…Not Just Survive

Take Back The Power In Your Marketing Future

Thursday, August 13th, 2020
ZOOM Online Meeting
6:00 to 7:30PM CST
$29 ($149 for VIP with one hour of personal business coaching)

All attendees will get a video of seminar


COVID Changed The Business World – Are You Ready To Dominate?

f There is incredible business tragedy right now, but when we come out of this time, there will be entirely new niches available for just about every type of business. Are you ready to innovate and THRIVE…not just survive?


Business Challenges MUST Turn Into Growth

Now is the time to re-deisng the way your business will look for next decade. The way it delivers service, the way it markets itself.

Are You Wasting 95% of Your Marketing Dollars?

Of all the various digital marketing tactics for sale in the marketplace, 95% are a complete waste of money for your business, industry, goals or budget. Advertising and marketing used to be much simpler. Now it is full of jargon and modern lingo and layer after layer of complication. All of this keeps business owners from understanding what they are getting from marketing providers. However, this doesn’t stop hoards of sales people from trying to sell you these ineffective money-wasting services.  The average media company or marketing agency sales person will take you very last dollar with a smile on their face and a clear conscience.

Can We Trust Anyone?

Imagine you had a friend or relative that knew more about digital marketing than 99% of the “experts” out there selling their services. You could ask this “insider” any question you wanted and you would get an honest and straight forward answer.  You would have your own expert to de-bunk the worthless hype flying around and help you get to the heart of what works best.

From Crisis To Domination

Dr. Joe Schaefer was in crisis mode in 2002 after the tech-crash decimated the membership for his 9 martial art schools. He used the drive that made him young researcher of the year in his field in 1996 and earned him a PhD in Neuroscience. He decided to dig and essentially earn his PhD in the emerging field of digital marketing. He learned this new industry from the ground up…by spending his own money…marketing his own business. By 2005 he had grown his membership to be the largest Kung Fu School in Central Texas. He watched his competitors try digital marketing and fail again and again while he took every seminar, read every book and tested every theory.

Now here we are in crisi mode again with COVID and again Dr. Joe is leading the way. Hetunred ona dime and adapted a 30 year old business to the pandemic environemnt and growing, not shrinking.

The Kung Fu Marketer

In 2008, Dr. Joe started a digital marketing agency with co-founder Scott Martin. He had clients come his way from multiple continents and over the next 12 years he would work personally with over 500 business owners, marketing managers, CMOs and CEOs. His agency became a Google Premier Partner agency (putting it in the top 3% of all agencies) in 2015. His clients ranged from small businesses to billion dollar companies.

Dr. Joe Is On A Mission

Now Dr. Joe enjoys working closely with a few dozen clients to increase traffic and conversions in their website. Now his mission is to bring clarity and POWER to business owners so that they control their own business future. He relied on help and guidance when he first entered the digital marketing space — and now it’s his mission to help others in very the same way.



How This Seminar Works

You are encouraged to bring 2 or 3 digital marketing or website challenges to the session. While Dr. Joe will lecture some on general principles he will also address your specific challenges. Dr. Joe will be filmed during this session and the video link will be available to all attendees.

Dr. Joe will also be sharing his website conversion system with over 30 distinct elements to optimize in your site for the best lead capture rate.

  • Landing Page Optimization (30 point checklist)
  • The Basics Of Search Marketing
  • Evaluating Social Media (Is it worth it)
  • “To Blog Or Not To BLog”
  • Much more

Cost of this 1.5 hour session is $29

Dr Joe will be selling NOTHING during this seminar. It is all for YOU. All about education.