Start 2020 With R3

Relax – Recharge – Restore

Eveyone talks about the power of mindfulness, but no one tells you exactly how to do it.

This seminar will teach you a method that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

First Seminar of 2020

January 11th 4PM-7PM

In North Austin At 2136 Rutland Drive Suite D-1

From Stress To Peace

Dr. Joe Schaefer was in crisis mode in 2002 after the tech-crash decimated the membership for his 9 martial art schools. Teaching 35 classes per week and driving to teach at three separate locations was taking its toll. His life of high stress and workaholic nature were making him wish he had pursued a different career. In 2004 he discovered an amazing yet little known technique called Open Focus. It was being taught at a small research center in New Jersey. Dr. Joe immediately recognized the similarities to Tai Chi and meditation, He traveled to study Open Focus and become certified as an Open Focus trainer and expert in the use of the 5 Channel NeuroSynchrony Feedback Machine.

15 Years Later

Since that day in 2004, Dr. Schaefer has incorporated Open Focus practice into his own life and merged some of the concepts into his Tai Chi instruction. He eliminated his own high blood pressure, reduced his stress and anxiety and overcame his life-long ADD struggles. His Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice deepened incredibly as a result of Open Focus attentional training.

During the last 15 years, concepts of mindfulness and “Living In The Moment” have become common place ideas. However, there has yet to be a simplified and dependable method for achieving these lofty goals. Dr. Joe has yet to see ANYTHING that rivals Open Focus. It is simple and doesn’t conflict with any belief systems or religions. It is simply a new way of processing sensory information that changes and depressurizes your nervous system.

Dr. Joe Is On A Mission

Dr. Joe has been using small amounts of Open Focus in Tai Chi for 15 years when he teaches. However, he recently decided that Open Focus was TOO POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING of a technique to keep hidden. Along with Master Sheryl Schaefer, he has created this seminar experience to help people literally change their lives with Open Focus, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Sunday, January 11th, 2020
4PM to 7:00PM

This $10 registration fee and the remaining $79 fee charged 1 day before the event are both non-refundable. You can withdraw and avoid the $79 remainder fee by emailing us before that final payment date. You will receive a welcome email after paying this registration fee that will have our contact information in it as well


A Symptom Of Our World

Stress and anxiety are reaching epidemic levels in our fast-paced world. It is a very complex problem. And it usually becomes more serious over time. The problem is that we are so deep in this feedback loop that we can’t get a breath to escape it. 

Chronic stress leaves a path of destruction through our lives and our bodies. One by one our organs start to suffer the effect of running “full tilt” every hour of the day.

You Have The Power

The good news is that if you got yourself into this condition, you can escape it. Our bodies have amazing RESTORATIVE power. If we can help our mind and body escape the chronic stress-cycle, then we can heal all manner of ailments.

A Formula 30 Years in The Making

 After 30 years of teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Relaxation techniques, I can tell you that people can change their health from the inside out. Master Sheryl and I have created a 3.5 hour seminar that combines the powerful experiences from Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Chinese breath training method), Mindfulness and the Science of Relaxation.

In 3 Hours Learn:

  • TAI CHI – The most important postures of Tai Chi that lead to mindfulness of the present moment, correct posture and opening of the energy meridians of the body.
  • CHI KUNG – Powerful Chi Kung that will leave you feeling energized and calm and balanced at the same time. You will learn a sequence of Chi Kung that you can use for 5 minutes every day to fight off illness, stress and anxiety.
  • MINDFULNESS – A little known attention training based on neurofeedback that will help you reach the most relaxed state you have experienced in years. This one technique is VERY rare and expensive when you find it. You will get a first hand experience and be able to practice it daily at NO COST for the rest of your life.
  • NEUROSCIENCE of RELAXATION – Learn about the science behind how your body relaxes and fights off stress. Learn how to monitor and increase the ability of your body to handle stress and anxiety.

Meet Your Facilitators

Master Joe Schaefer, PhD.

7th Degree Black Belt | PhD in Neurophysiology at UT, School Owner Since 1987. 35 Years Of Training In Kung Fu and Tai Chi, 

“My purpose is to use Kung Fu and Tai Chi to guide and inspire adults looking for life change and transformation. “

Master Joe has over 25,000 hours of teaching these ancient Chinese arts to students. He is also a published neuroscientist and was awarded young researcher of the year in 1996.

He has been a certified trainer and practitioner of Open Focus(TM) for 15 years. This is a way of training your attention that gives you access to complete control of your autonomic nervous system. It comes from the field of neurofeedback and has been shown to eliminate a list of symptoms that arise from chronic stress.

Master Sheryl Schaefer, MS

6th Degree Black Belt | Master Degree in Physiology from UT, School Owner Since 1987. 31 Years of Training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi, 

“I am passionate about using Chinese martial arts as a tool to help people to believe in themselves, evolve, find confidence and personal power.”

Master Sheryl is a truly remarkable teacher with over 10,000 hours of teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi. In addition, she has a Masters Degree in Physiology from UT.

She is a true innovator in our community and has facilitated a women’s retreat each year for a decade. These events attract 50+ women each year for personal development, meditation, Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Sunday, November 17th
4PM to 7:30PM

Sunday, September 22th
4PM to 7:30PM (this event has passed)

Sunday, October 20th
4PM to 7:30PM

The Details

(limited attendance)

This $10 registration fee and the remaining $79 fee charged 7 days before the event are both non-refundable. You can withdraw and avoid the $79 remainder fee by emailing us before that final payment date. You will receive a welcome email after paying this registration fee that will have our contact information in it as well

Comment From Most Recent (September)Workshop

“I don’t know why more people haven’t heard of this technique. It is the ONLY thing I have ever tried that really reduces anxiety, stress and tension almost IMMEDIATELY!”

-September 2019 Attendee

“During this seminar I learned a lot about the relaxation method of Open Focus.  I became very relaxed  and calm while we practiced this method.  I have not heard of this method before and I think it will be very useful with my work with geriatrics.  I am always looking for ways to relax them and/or relieve their pain.  I think the method of Open Focus will be a good addition to my work.  I feel that Master Joe explained and demonstrated very well with the group about how Open Focus works and how it feels on the body.  I definitely would recommend this to others who may need it for themselves or in their work with others.  He also gave us good references that could be used to further their knowledge.