October 2019 Energy Workshop

Hold Your seat for $10. The remaining $79 will be charged on 10/19/19. 3.5 Hour class starts at 4PM.

We are located in North Austin at 2136 Rutland Drive Suite D-1

Wear comfortable clothing for the Tai Chi and Breathing component and bring something to take notes on if you want.

Hold Your Seat For $10

3.5 Hours Long Workshop


  • TAI CHI – The most important postures of Tai Chi that lead to mindfulness of the present moment, correct posture and opening of the energy meridians of the body.
  • CHI KUNG – Powerful Chi Kung that will leave you feeling energized and calm and balanced at the same time. You will learn a sequence of Chi Kung that you can use for 5 minutes every day to fight off illness, stress and anxiety.


  • MINDFULNESS – A little known attention training based on neurofeedback that will help you reach the most relaxed state you have experienced in years. This one technique is VERY rare and expensive when you find it. You will get a first hand experience and be able to practice it daily at NO COST for the rest of your life.
  • NEUROSCIENCE of RELAXATION – Learn about the science behind how your body relaxes and fights off stress. Learn how to monitor and increase the ability of your body to handle stress and anxiety.